A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Twitch Emotes

It can be really frustrating when you see Twitch chat interact with each other using emotes and you don’t know the context behind it especially when you’re new to that kind of thing. While it’s hard to keep track of all the Twitch emotes especially since it gets updated almost every day but there are some emotes that are being used like forever ago and knowing about them will give you a general idea about how Twitch emotes work.

Below you’ll find some of the most used twitch emotes of all time.


This emotes is usually a means to reply to the streamer in a sarcastic way. Like in real life if you saw someone ruin something and you sarcastic clap at them to make them know how ingenious they’re in a sarcastic way. Kappa is exactly something like that. You used it to let the streamer bad that was in a fun sarcastic way.


This is a little controversial and has a little bit of story behind it and so we are not gonna go into depth. What you wanna know is that it is used when you are hype about something that happened on the screen or something is announced that made you excited. But make sure you are using it in the right manner and what’s happening in the stream is the correct moment for it because sometimes it can be taken in an insulting or racial manner.


This is one of the oldest Twitch emotes and one of the most popular ones as according to How2PC.com. This is used when something surprising happens on the stream and you wanna express it.


You know how something funny happens and you express it by saying LOL, well LUL is a Twitch version of that. While it was taken out by DMCA after a request from the photographer it turns out Twitch can still use it as a emote and it is among one of the oldest and popular Twitch emotes. It is used to express something that made you laugh. \


It is used to express something that happens on the stream or Twitch that made you confuse or question how stupid can someone be.


This is Pepe the Frog emote and is sort of an alternative to PogChamp emote and it is used when you’re excited to surprised with something that happened on the stream or is about to happen.