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Nov 29, 2016

PRESS RELEASE - Going digital: Pearle members discuss live experiences of performances online

(Zurich/Brussels 29 November 2016) – Pearle* members from across Europe came together in Zurich, Switzerland to discuss topics such as EU cultural policy, Commission’s proposals on employment and social affairs, the security of concert halls and theatres after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels as well as the recently launched texts on the EU copyright reform.

The conference was hosted by the Association of Theatres in Switzerland (SBV).

In a workshop led by high level experts, participants of the conference discussed challenges and opportunities linked to live streaming of performances. Performing arts organisations increasingly offer streaming services to their audiences, whilst facing legal, economic and technical obstacles.

Cases from ABtv, the online platform of the Brussels based concert hall Ancienne Belgique and from the Wiener Staatsoper have shown that live and on-demand streaming allow producers to engage directly with their audiences and build up communities.

“We have to find practical solutions, especially with regard to rights clearance processes. It is vital that live performances have a strong presence online,” Rolf Bolwin, managing Director of Deutscher Bühnenverein and president of Pearle* stressed. Géza Kovács, President of the Association of Hungarian Orchestras (AHO) and vice-president of Pearle* added: “We need to look into the future, thinking of how we can engage with people and new audiences in a different way, offering a new live experience online.”

Pearle members also welcomed A.R.T.E. (Asociatión de Representantes Técnicos del Espectáculo) as a new member. The organisation represents more than 250 members in the live music and entertainment sector in Spain, such as promoters, producers, managers and festival directors. Including this new member, Pearle* now represents more than 10,000 organisations in the live performance sector.

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