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Feb 10, 2009

Practics - "See Mobile See Practical" mobility project launched

PRACTICS is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission with the aim to facilitate the provision of information about EU cross-border mobility in the cultural sector.

The project will develop so-called žEU Cultural Mobility Contact PointsÓ (CMCPs) which it will pilot in four EU-countries: Belgium, Spain, Wales and the Netherlands. Their task will be to offer relevant and user-friendly information to:
a) foreign cultural workers who want to work in the country in which the CMCP is based.
b) national cultural workers who want to work in another EU-country.

The objective of the CMCPs is to offer cultural professionals concrete administrative support in order to help them overcome obstacles in perusing an international career. This involves answering questions, providing handbooks and advising on legal, fiscal and social issues. The CMCPs offer concrete toolkits to artists and cultural workers wanting to be mobile. By doing so the CMCPs aim to stimulate mobility between EU countries.

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