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Oct 19, 2011

the work of art - time to nurture Europe's cultural values and encourage the performing arts sector

An article of Pearle in the Public Service Review: European Union - issue 22, published 12 October 2011. The issue includes a foreword of President Barroso and contributions on questions which affect the public sector, such as the impact of the economic crisis.

Art is a value is in its own right, as it is a reflection of our civilisations and of what we make of our society today.
The arts cannot solve social problems, but when combined with social and other policies, the arts can make a difference.
Managers of cultural institutions and other performing arts organisations are currently fighting endless battles against misconceptions to defend the business they are in. Performing arts are made by people for people. According to Eurostat, in 2009 over 3.6 million people worked in the cultural sector in Europe, reaching over 500 million European citizens through their work every day.
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