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Sep 18, 2012

EUROSTAT – New publication of labour costs

A news release by Eurostat was published on 17 September 2012, concerning the rise of the hourly labour costs for employers. In the EU, the hourly labour costs in the second quarter of 2012 rose with 1,8% compared to the second quarter of the previous year. In the Euro area, the hourly labour costs rose by 1,6%.

The labour costs contain both wages & salaries and non-wage costs, such as employer’s social contributions. In the EU, the wages rose with 1,9% and the non-wage costs with 1,4%. The highest increases were registered in Romania (+7,1%), the lowest in Ireland (+0,4%).
Overall, the labour costs are becoming more expensive for employers. The average hourly labour cost for 2011 was estimated to be 23,10 euro in the EU. However, there exist significant differences between member states, ranging from 3,50 euro in Bulgaria to 39,30 euro in Belgium.


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