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Feb 04, 2015

Call for application - expert risk assessment

In the context of prevention at work, a European project on an online interactive risk assessment tool is starting this month.
To carry out a technical review and testing of the tool developed over the past year for the live performance sector, project partners launch a call for application for a project expert.
Application should be submitted by February 27th.

The Project Expert’s main tasks will include
•participating in the project steering committee meetings in the first phase of the project and working in close coordination with the committee, the project coordinator and the European Bilbao Agency on Occupational Health and Safety;
•undertaking a full review of the existing European OIRA tool for the Live performance sector, in cooperation with the project coordinator, including testing it for completeness and accuracy and then further tailoring it to respond to the needs of different potential users;
•organizing and overseeing a small-scale testing of the tool by a European focus group and integrating any modifications arising from it into the tool, in cooperation with the project coordinator;
•finalizing the resulting revised OIRA tool and participating in a one-day launch event foreseen in 2015.

Required experience includes:
•Detailed technical knowledge and experience of the policy and practice of risk assessment in the Live Performance Sector
•Experience of the use of risk assessment tools;


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