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Jun 17, 2015

Visa package responds to the economic and artistic needs of the live performance sector

Today, at the EP hearing of the LIBE Committee on the visa package proposal, Pearle* made a plea for taking into consideration the specific needs for the live performance sector.
The visa package which contains two components, a recast of the visa code and a proposal for a new touring visa, addresses the hindrances and practical problems occurring for artists, touring companies and local organisers alike.
The recast visa code includes proposals for improved procedures and facilitated lodging of an application. It also reduces administrative burdens and provides for more clarity and transparency, in particular with regard to multiple entry visas.
The newly proposed touring visa addresses a longstanding problem for the live performance sector, providing a solution for visa exempt third country nationals to travel for a longer period than 90 days in the Schengen zone. Being able to tour with international casts in the Schengen and re-enter the Schengen area is crucial to allow planning of tours across Europe.

The conditions to apply for such visa list admission criteria which include shared responsibility and interest between the applicant and the bona fide employer or inviting company. Thanks to touring schedules planned in advance, contracts and production plans available, names of companies and artists known to the national governments and to audiences, artists concerned are visible and easily traceable.
As the EU and Member States share a common interest for growth and jobs, the visa package is an essential instrument to help the cultural and creative sectors to facilitate and increase their potential. It results in a win-win situation for all concerned: artists, touring companies, organisers, local community, audiences, administrations and governments.

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