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Jun 07, 2016

Revision of the EU Blue Card Directive will open up use to employers in the live performance sector

Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, welcomes the Commission proposal for a revision of the EU Blue Card proposal. In particular the proposed changes to the admission conditions will encourage take up by employers who employ third-country nationals in their artistic organisations.

"For several years", says Anita Debaere, Director of Pearle*, "we saw the potential of an EU Blue card for a sector as the live performance. The proposed revised rules will now accommodate our needs to improve and facilitate the employment of third-country national artists, technicians and other cultural professionals".
The EU Blue card scheme in place since 2009 with its restricted scope and conditions did not allow employers in the live performance sector to consider using, although the sector which characterised by a great international focus in the composition of its teams and workforce would be a potential user of the scheme.
Pearle* in particularly welcomes the effort to cut red tape by the introduction of a single EU-wide scheme, which is crucial for a sector as the live performance which is predominantly composed of SMEs.
In addition the revised admission conditions which excluded so far the uptake of the Blue card in the live performance sector will encourage employers and applicants to make use of the system, thanks to a more flexible approach to admission criteria. It will create a level playing field with regard to the salary threshold, allow to put forward professional experience to be considered as equivalent to a qualification from education, bring down the labour contract duration to six months (instead of 12 months).
Furthermore the enhanced intra-EU mobility may also facilitate the expert oriented focus of people working in the live performance.
Pearle* hopes that the EP and Council will move forward quickly in the co-decision process as the Blue Card can become an important instrument for the cultural and creative sectors thereby creating a positive economic impact across the EU.

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