• Presentation Pearle

      Pearle*-Live Performance Europe is the European federation representing through its members and associations about 7,000 theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, concerthalls, venues and other organisations within the performing arts and music sector across Europe.

      Pearle*-Live Performance Europe acts as a forum for exchanging information of relevance to members, for sharing experiences in cultural management and technical skills, for supporting and assisting the formation of employers’ associations …., in addition to serving as the body to make representations to the European Commission and any other authorities whose deliberations may affect the work of the Performing Arts in Europe.

      • Observer status with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)
      • Member of EEN (European Employers’ Network) facilitated by Businesseurope (the Confederation of European Business)
      • Registered as an employers’ organisation by ILO (International Labour Office) with observer status at the International Labour Conference;
      • Established by the European Commission as the European Social Dialogue Committee ‘Live Performance’ together with European Arts & Entertainment Alliance (EAEA), representing FIM (International
      • Federation of Musicians), FIA (International Federation of Actors) and UNI-MEI (Media Arts and Entertainment International).
      • Founding member of CAE (Culture Action Europe)
      • Member of CUP (Copyright Users Platform)
      • Member of EFSC (European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence)
      • Member of WSG (Wider Spectrum Group)
      • Registered as Civil Society Stakeholder with DG External Trade
      • Member of the Culture Sector Platforms on ‘Access to Culture’ and on ‘Potential of cultural and creative industries’ set up by DG Culture


      The Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe, or Pearle* is an international not-for-profit organisation in compliance with Belgian law


  • Objectives

      The aim of this non profit making international non-governmental organisation is the establishing of a stable environment by supporting sustainability and promotion of the Performing Arts across Europe.

      Its objects are as follows:

      • the exchange of information, experiences and ideas of common interest to members working in the Performing Arts sector
      • the obtaining of information concerning all European issues relating to members’ interests
      • facilitating collective decisions in areas of common interest
      • expressing Pearle*’s views in discussions with bodies whose activities are relevant to Pearle*
      • lobbying in accordance with collective decisions reached by the members’ representatives to EU and other authorities
      • carrying out all activities connected with the above mentioned activities.

      Activity reports are available for the public since 2002. Previous reports were written for internal purposes only.

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  • Executive committee

      The Executive committee is elected by the members for a period of two years.

      The members of the Pearle* Executive Committee are (until June 2017) :

      Chairman :
      Rolf Bolwin – DBV- Deutscher Bühnenverein - Bundesverband der Theater und Orchester, Germany

      Géza Kovács – AHO- Magyar Szimfonikus Zenekarok Szövetsége, Hungary

      Liesbeth Dejonghe – oKo – Overleg Kunstenorganisaties, Belgium

      Treasurer :
      Julian Bird - SOLT/UKt- Society of London Theatre & UK theatre, UK

      Members :
      Ulrika Holmgaard – SvSc - Svensk Scenkonst, Sweden
      Sébastien Justine – FEPS - Fédération des employeurs du spectacle vivant public et privé, France
      Kathleen López Kilcoyne – FAETEDA - Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Empresas Productoras de Teatro y Danza, Spain

      Delegates (in alphabetical order):
      Alexandra Bobes – Les Forces Musicales, France
      Ignace De Breuck - BSV/ABS - Belgische Schouwspelvereniging/ Association Belge du Spectacle, BELGIUM
      Morten Gjelten – NTO – Norsk Teater og- Orkesterforening , Norway
      Cristina Loglio - AGIS - Associazione Generale di institute dello spectacolo, ITALY
      Zdenek Panek - APD ČR - Asociace profesionálních divadel České republiky, CZECH REPUBLIC
      Mark Pemberton – ABO - Association of British Orchestras, UK
      Ilka Schmalbauch - DBV- Deutscher Bühnenverein - Bundesverband der Theater und Orchester, Germany


  • Members

      There are two categories of membership to Pearle*: full members and associate members.

      Full membership is open to national performing arts associations, based in Europe, only. An organisation may become a full member of Pearle* when it has proved to the satisfaction of the Council that it is a properly constituted employers’ association. Only full members have the right to vote.

      Performing arts associations based outside Europe and European associations representing a particular part of the performing arts who are established in accordance with the laws and practices of the country in which the head office is located may become associate members of Pearle*.

      In general members represent the interests of directors of performing arts organisations dealing with the daily management and running of their structure.

      Members pay an annual subscription towards the administrative costs of Pearle* and its activities, the level of which is based on the size of turnover of their own organisations.

      For further information please contact Pearle* on +32-2-203.62.96 or e-mail

      Full members

      • Wiener Buhnenverein
        Association of Theatres in Vienna

      • Theatererhalterverband Österreichischer Bundesländer und Städte
        Association of regional and city theatres in Austria

      • Overleg Kunstenorganisaties - oKo
        Platform for arts organisations in Flanders

      • Belgische Schouwspelvereniging - BSV
        Association of performing arts in Belgium

      • Chambre Patronale des Employeurs permanents des Arts de la Scène d'Expression française
        Chamber of employers in the French-speaking performing arts in Belgium

      • BAROK
        Bulgarian Association of Employers in Culture

       Czech Republic
      • Asociace Profesionalnich Divadel Ceske republiky - APD
        Association of the Professional Theatres in the Czech Republic

      • Asociace symfonickych orchestru peveckych sboru Ceske republiky - ASOPS
        The Association of Symphony Orchestras and Choirs of the Czech Republic

       Denmark  Estonia
      • Eesti Etendusasutuste Liit - EETEAL
        Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions

      • Suomen Teatterit ry / Finlands Teatrar rf
        Association of Finnish Theatres

      • Suomen Sinfoniaorkesterit - SUOSIO
        Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras

       France  Germany
      • Deutscher Bühnenverein - Bundesverband der Theater und Orchester
        German Theatre and Orchestra Asoociation

      • Magyar Szimfonikus Zenekarok Szövetsége
        Association of Hungarian Orchestras

      • Samtök atvinnuveitenda í sviðslist og tónlist - SAVIST
        Employers association for the Performing Arts in Iceland

      • Associazione Generale Italiana dello Spettacolo - AGIS
        Association of Institutes in the performing arts

      • Norsk Teater- og Orkesterforening - NTO
        Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras

       Poland  Portugal
      • PERFORMART - Associacao para as artes performativas em Portugal
        Portuguese association of performing arts

       Slovak Republic
      • Asociacia riaditelov profesionalnych orchestrov Slovenska
        Association of Slovak Professional Orchestra Directors

      • Federacion Estatal de Asociaciones de Empresas Productoras de Teatro y Danza - FAETEDA
        State Federation of Associations of Theatre and Dance production enterprise

      • Asociacion Espanola de Orquestas Sinfonicas - AEOS
        Association of Spanish Symphony Orchestras

      • Asociacion de Representantes Tecnicos del Espectaculo - A.R.T.e
        Spanish Association of managers, agents, artists, representatives, promoters and festival directors in the entertainment sector

      • Svensk Scenkonst – bransch- och arbetsgivarorganisation för företag inom musik, dans och teater
        Swedish Performing Arts Association

       Switzerland  The Nederlands
      • Vereniging van Schouwburg- en Concertgebouwdirecties - VSCD
        Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert halls

      • Nederlandse Associatie Voor Podiumkunsten - NAPK

       United Kingdom

      Associate members

       Australia  Russia
  • Facts & figures
      • Pearle*, is an umbrella organisation of 45 associations, which represent over 4,000 performing arts organisations. In total it estimates that in the representative group about 9,000 organisations are operating. In addition there are a multitude of ad-hoc and project-lead organisations and independent initiatives. There are at least as many amateur initiatives in the area of performing arts.
      • The performing arts sector includes organisations such as opera houses, theatre production companies, orchestras, music ensembles, lyric theatres, ballet and dance companies, festivals, mime, puppetry, circus, concert halls, venues, musicals, jazz and variété, and other live performance.
      • The sector ranges from micro-enterprises, to SMEs and companies employing up to a 1,000 workers.
      • A great share (estimation 80% of the sector) receives to a higher or lower degree some kind of public support from national, regional, or municipal level.
      • The live performance sector is highly labour-intensive, employing about 2.700.000 to 3.900.000 people (2002, source: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions).
      • It is a sector of highly-qualified people: nearly 48%, compared with 26% of the total workforce, have completed higher education (source: Eurostat Cultural Statistics 2007 edition).
      • The sector is a vector for economy in related industries such as: design, fashion, music industry (recording companies), crafts, instrument making, stage, architecture, facility management, printing and advertising, tourism, etcetera.
      • Europe is a continent characterized by a very high concentration of performing arts institutions, being market leader for its sector in the world.
      • The Performing Arts are deeply rooted in society and many people participate and enjoy regularly concerts, theatre performances and other, ranging between nearly 20% for opera to nearly 40% for theatre and concerts of total population having been to a performance in the last 12 months (source: Eurostat Cultural Statistics 2007 edition).
      • The performing arts sector is a core sector within the Culture and creative industries, which contribute to 2.6% of EU’s GDP in 2003 (source: study Economy of Culture in Europe, 2006).
  • Pearle Meetings



      Hosted by Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Empresas Productoras de Teatro y Danza – FAETEDA, Asociación Española de Orquestas Sinfónicas – AEOS and Asociación de Representantes Técnicos del Espectáculo – A.R.T.e

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      53rd Pearle Conference in Copenhagen

      53rd Pearle Conference in Copenhagen hosted by Danske Teatres Faellesorganisation and LandsdelsOrkesterForeningen

      read more


      52nd Pearle Conference in Zurich 25-26 November 2016

      Pearle members conference at the Cabaret Voltaire hosted by Schweizerisch Bühnenverband SBV (Association of theatres in Switzerland).

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      51st Pearle conference Wroclaw 27-28 May 2016

      Pearle members conference at the Ministry of Culture hosted by ZFP - Zrzeszenic Filharmonii Polskich

      read more


      50th Pearle conference Prague 28-29 November 2015

      Pearle members conference at the Ministry of Culture hosted by Association of the Professional theatres in the Czech Republic (APD CR) & Association of the Czech Symphony Orchestras and Choirs (ASOPS)

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      49th Pearle conference Hamburg 12-13 June 2015

      Pearle members conference at the Renaissance Hamburg hotel hosted by DBV the German theatre and orchestra association.

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      48th Pearle conference Lyon 28-29 November 2014

      Pearle members meeting hosted at the Opera of Lyon, by the French employers associations

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      47th Pearle* General Assembly Helsinki May 2014

      meeting of the Pearle members at the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki on 23 and 24 May 2014

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      46th Pearle general assembly 29-30 November 2013

      Pearle* members meeting hosted by the Association of Slovak Theatres and Orchestras (ASDO)

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      45th PEARLE* General Assembly Scotland May-June 2013

      Pearle* members meeting, hosted by ABO Association of British Orchestras

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      44th PEARLE* General Assembly Brussels 24 November 2012

      Pearle* members meeting

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      44th PEARLE* General Assembly Brussels 23 November 2012

      Pearle* members meeting hosted by oKo

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      PROJECT CONFERENCE on Social dialogue – capacity building for employers organisations

      Final conference of the project in Brussels

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      43rd PEARLE* General Assembly Bulgaria June 2012

      Pearle* members meeting

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      Seminar on Social dialogue – capacity building for employers organisations

      Project: Social dialogue in the live performance sector in the EU.

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      42nd Pearle* General Assembly Estonia November 2011

      Pearle* members meeting, hosted by the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions, at the Estonian National Opera, Tallinn

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      Seminar on copyright and mobility

      seminar on copyright and mobility in the live performance sector: from physical to virtual mobility

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      41st Pearle General Assembly Hungary May 2011

      Pearle members meeting, hosted by the Association of Hungarian Orchestras, at the Palace of Arts - Budapest

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