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May 18, 2010

Working Time Directive

The live performance sector has its own particularities. It is a highly dynamic sector, with creative and innovative aspects. Autonomy and flexibility are important characteristics. The notion of working time has a very specific meaning in the performing arts sector. Pearle* is therefore strongly of the opinion that the legislation on the working time should aim at offering a general framework and avoid too strict regulations. It is essential that sectors can respond to particular needs and practices in a flexible way. The legal basis of the directive is health and safety. The Commission should avoid to add layers of complexity to this regulation in order to keep its transparency. The related position papers are to be found under the links below. They encompass the first-phase and second-phase consultation on the revision of the working time directive.

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/12

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/46

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/53 Back to overview

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