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Apr 14, 2005

Economic migration

Mobility of workers, within the EU and in the world is one of the main features of the performing arts. Employers in the performing arts sector throughout Europe, engage frequently third-country nationals for a shorter or longer period. The current rules for employing third-country nationals are lengthy and often difficult to comply with.
Pearle believes that mobility of artists is crucial for the performing arts sector to develop its artistic output, allowing artists from all over the world to cooperate with each other. Therefore Pearle asks the European Commission to allow performing arts organisations to employ third country nationals whenever this is necessary, based on a principle of freedom of the arts.
Pearle welcomes any initiative from the European Commission to harmonise national rules on immigration with specific derogation for artists. Pearle is most certainly in favour of a combined permit for work and residence and for a one-stop-shop principle (or single application procedure).
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