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Sep 30, 2009

European Year on Creativity and Innovation 2009

The aim of the European Year on Creativity and Innovation was to promote creativity and innovation among individuals, enterprises and organizations; to raise awareness of the importance of creativity and innovation for personal, social, and economic development; to disseminate good practices; to stimulate education and research; and to create debates on these issues. Creativity and innovation, in the form of cultural and creative industries, are often described as ways to create economic growth. This cultural and creative industries paradigm considers the cultural sector primarily from the point of view of the industries that make it up and their place in the economy. Pearle* certainly welcomes a stronger recognition of the value of the cultural sector and its economic and social contribution. Nevertheless, it loses sight somewhat of the primary artistic and communicative function of culture, by placing cultural production within an economic framework.

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/39

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