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Jun 24, 2004

Proposal for a directive on services in the internal market

Pearle* welcomes the initiative of the European Union for a directive to harmonise the internal market for services. In particular, Pearle welcomes the provisions in the directive allowing to reduce the administrative burdens which hinder the free movement of services. This would provide a legal framework that will eliminate the obstacles to the freedom of establishment for service providers and the free movement of services between the Member States in order to strengthen the integration of the peoples of Europe and to promote balanced and sustainable economic and social progress.
Pearle* urges the European Parliament and the Council
- to pay attention to the position of culture, the arts and the performing arts sector in particular
- to exclude any harmonisation of the laws and regulations of the member states in relation to cultural policy and public funding
- to maintain the right for member states to provide aid for operators in the cultural sector. Following the subsidiarity principle, the public funding of the arts belongs to the competencies of the member states and its regions.

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