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Aug 16, 2010

Radio spectrum policy programme

Pearle* calls upon the European Parliament and the Member States to aim at a win-win situation for all through a radio spectrum policy programme that allows for growth in all sectors that are concerned by this policy. The performing arts sector should have a protected access to reserved areas of the spectrum, since it relies on the analogue radio spectrum for its functioning. To guarantee high quality of live performance events, it is crucial that the sector can access available frequencies at a price it can afford.
Pearle* advocates a guarantee of affordable access to the spectrum, sufficient spectrum to continue live performance productions and a coordination of the spectrum in a harmonious cross border manner between member states to ensure the feasibility of international touring. It is of great importance that allocated spectrum is protected and interference is to be avoided. Touring productions will avoid Europe if they cannot benefit of a certain extent of harmonised frequencies.
If the PMSE is forced out of the 800 MHz band, then it is obvious that the sector should not have to bear the costs associated with being moved to another frequency range. Pearle* advocates therefore a more gradual approach towards the digital switchover. Pearle* calls upon the Commission to take into account the particular status of the live performance sector.
A future radio spectrum policy programme should match needs of content users and other users, by focusing on coordination and planning, efficient use of the spectrum and by developing supporting measures for research and innovation. In the policy programme, there should be a specific frequency management for PMSE usage.

Link: http://www.pearle.ws/en/positionpapers/detail/44

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