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Sep 02, 2009

Response to Commission consultation on digital dividend_Sept2009

Pearle* understands there is a great challenge for the Commission to meet with its main objectives and to integrate the needs from different sectors. Whilst the economic growth for certains sectors thanks to the digital switchover is clearly indicated, it is much more hard to find arguments promising economic growth for other users such as in the PMSEs, which includes the theatrical use. PMSE owners and users should not be forced into increased levels of debt just to stay in business as a result of the 800 MHz clearance plan. New users of the 800 MHz band will have everything to gain while existing users under current proposals will have everything to lose.

A future roadmap must propose a policy which avoids detrimental effects on certain sectors, by guaranteeing a reserved area for cultural purposes, preferably within the 800 MHz band to avoid any new additional costs. Without guaranteed access to specifically identified and reserved analogue spectrum, the performing arts will be, quite literally, unable to function.

Should a change be unavoidable a gradual approach should be outlined, including the following steps: a further study on eventual adaptations, a calculation of the important economic costs that it will imply for users in the PMSEs, a proposal for Member States to foresee specific budgets in case of a change of equipment adjusted to the eventual switchover to other frequency ranges. In the event happening, existing users should therefore receive at least full compensation for the costs incurred due to a forced moving out of the 800 MHz.

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