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Feasibility study on the set up of EU skills Councils in the audiovisual and live performance sector


Throughout 2012, Pearle, together with the other social partners in the audiovisual and live performance sectors, is conducting a research on the feasibility of creating European sector councils on employment and skills.
In various Member States, national and/or transversal sectoral skills councils or equivalent bodies have been set up to look at the quantitative and qualitative trends on the labour market and the related evolution of skills needs. The project aims to define and assess the potential scope and nature of information exchange among skill bodies and education & training providers on the European level.
This feasibility study is made possible within the framework of the European Union, with the European Commission emphasising the potential role of the European sector skills councils in improving the quality and efficiency of vocational education and training as well as its attractiveness and relevance by strengthening the anticipation of skills and competences development.
The project is divided into three phases. During the first phase, various sectoral skills council bodies and education & training providers are identified and mapped.
Phase two will consist of study visits to 12 Member States, where there will be contact meetings and interviews with the mapped organisations, to assess their interest in participation. In the final phase, an evaluation report will be prepared, that will conclude with a formal decision whether or not to go ahead with the setting-up of a European Sector Skills Council.

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