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Developing a European Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool (OiRA) for the use of touring producti


The social partners in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Live Performance have been engaged in an active exchange on risk assessment norms and practices in the sector since 2009. This has involved an ongoing exchange of good practice between employer and worker representatives, as well close communication with the Bilbao Agency on Occupational Health and Safety regarding their Risk Assessment campaign 2008 and 2009 and their ongoing work in facilitating the development of Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tools (OiRA Project).

The project will aim to provide a tool, for risk assessment in the Live Performance sector in Europe. This will help to deliver risk assessment in general and provide a solid basis for future national work to refine and improve the tool for direct national use in the various EU Member States. It will also serve as a resource in countries beyond the EU, in particular candidate countries and neighbouring countries. The Live Performance sector encompasses workplaces with such a diversity of elements to be considered in relation to occupational health and safety, that they can prove an enormous challenge. When one considers the technical elements in relation to set, rigging and stage; the stunts and performances on the stage; the chemical and hazardous substances that may be used in special effects; frequent high noise levels and the presence of an audience, it is clear that special, sector-specific risk assessment approaches are vitally necessary. It is for this reason, that highly comprehensive and structured risk assessment approaches to production in the sector have been developed at national level in many countries and there is a range of good practice to draw upon. The European Social partners are convinced of the utility of using this experience to craft a European IRAT, which will serve as a useful bridge in the context of touring, where national approaches to risk assessment may differ, due to specific regulations at national, regional and even local level. It will also make the expertise available in this area easily accessible and user-friendly in a format that will be of direct use to employers and workers in the sector who wish to develop their practice in this area. It will therefore result in a tool which is based upon the European health and safety legislation. Users would still need to check specific national, regional or local regulations.

The project starts with the appointment of an expert to work on the content development. The call is attached. Applications are due mid-January 2013.

This project receives the support of the European Commission.

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