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Follow-up project OIRA Tool for the Live Performance Sector: maximising its visibility and use


In their previous project “Developing a European Interactive Risk Assessment Tool (IRAT) for use in the Live Performance Sector” the European social partners successfully developed and completed an OIRA tool for the sector.

The primary aim of that joint action was to provide a tool for risk assessment in the Live Performance sector in Europe. The Live Performance sector encompasses artistic productions and workplaces with such a diversity of elements to be considered in relation to occupational health and safety, that they can prove an enormous challenge. It is clear that special, sector-specific risk assessment approaches are vitally necessary.

The production and finalisation of the OIRA tool was a very ambitious undertaking given the complexity of the productions and workplaces in the sector and the resulting massive range of risks to be taken into consideration. The social partners are absolutely committed to undertaking a second (and final project) to maximise its visibility and potential impact on working practices in the sector.

The follow-up project starts in January 2015, of which the primary aims are to refine and review the OIRA tool so that it is more responsive to the needs of direct users, and to promote it and maximize its visibility and use in the sector across Europe.

This project will seek to ensure that the European OIRA tool is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of different potential users and that it becomes a known and visible tool and reference in the European Live Performance Sector. The project is expected to be finished mid-2016.

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