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May 19, 2015

Activity report 2014

2014 was a year of elections for the European Parliament and a new European Commission taking office in a new working format. As Europe is facing its macro-economic and political challenges, so does our sector.
Behind encouraging results of enthusiast and involved
members of the audience, great artistic productions of
outstanding level, the organisations itself are operating in a reality and a context which is putting them more and more under pressure, of which some to a level that will may no longer hold, no matter their international reputation.
With lesser financial means available and increasing costs, growing pressure of regulatory burdens and administrative obstacles, live performance organisations need policies which give oxygen to the sector.
This is what Pearle*, the largest and biggest representative of the music and performing arts in Europe, is asking the European institutions for the coming years. It is formulated in 13 EU policy areas and 42 priorities.

When Pearle* was created some 25 years ago the founders
had as a common goal to improve cross-border cultural cooperation and exchange. Although the context has changed,the actual themes haven’t changed much and the challenges formulated a quarter of century ago are in many respects still familiar.

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