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      Music moves Europe preparatory action launch momentum to call for more budget for culture in future

      Music stakeholders from across Europe call in a letter to President Juncker to support the music sector by giving more funding opportunities for music in future European programmes.

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      Pearle* launches “Behind the Stage”

      Pearle* launches “Behind the Stage”, an innovative project aimed at empowering the role and capacity of employers associations and strengthening social dialogue in the European live performance sector Thanks to the financial support of the European Union, Pearle*-Live Performance Europe has recently launched Behind the Stage. The project seeks to improve industrial relations in the EU live performance sector by strengthening the capacities and improving the functioning of national employers organisations in a rapidly changing working environment. Pearle’s president Géza Kovács underlines: ‘Policy makers, players in the sector and the wider audience are often not aware of the wide spectrum of activities, knowledge and services that are offered by employers associations. As the European Union has expressed a renewed start for social dialogue, Pearle is aiming to contribute to this process by undertaking this project’.

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      visas procedures for artists and cultural professionals to be improved

      In response to the Commission consultation on the modernisation of EU visa Schengen policy, Pearle calls to improve the visa procedures so that third country national artists and cultural professionals can travel more easily to and in-out the Schengen zone.

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      Launch On Stage 2018: A European celebration of the performing arts from January to December 2018

      A year-long, Europe-wide programme of theatre, music, opera, dance and performance to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

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      Website On Stage 2018 now online!

      2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Pearle* - Live Performance Europe together with the European Theatre Convention (ETC) and Opera Europa/OperaVision proudly present our new joint website dedicated to European live performance traditions.

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      At General Assembly, Pearle members call for tailor-made solutions when posting workers

      (Madrid/Brussels 28 November) On 24 and 25 November 2017 Pearle members from across Europe met for their 54th General Assembly in Madrid. At the centre of the debate was an exchange with the European Commission on the revision of the posting of workers Directive and implementation of the enforcement Directive, which apply in the context of touring activities.

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      lack of special arrangements for very short term posting will impact touring performances

      Pearle*-Live Performance Europe regrets that the vote in the European Parliament Committee Employment does not take into consideration the impact of the Commission proposal on very short term posting. Touring companies in the live performance sector will no longer be able to handle in an appropriate manner all the administration that results of compliance with the future rules. Consequently tours are expected to be cancelled and jobs will be lost.

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      role of the culture in EU-CELAC relations - contribution to the summit

      Ahead of the EU-CELAC summit in El Salvador in October cultural stakeholders call upon decision makers to endorse the role of culture n the relations between the two regions in the Summit Conclusions.

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      Pearle members discuss EU policy proposals and their impact on the daily life of their organisations

      (Copenhagen/Brussels 03 June 2017) - How does the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers deal with cultural policy at EU level and how do they interact with stakeholders from the cultural sector in the Member States? This was the opening discussion between Pearle* members from across Europe at their 53rd General Assembly, held on 2nd and 3rd June 2017 in Copenhagen.

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      Statement on social security coordination and posting of workers

      The proposals on the revision of the social security coordination regulation and the posting of workers directive do not recognise the daily reality of the live performance sector which is primarily confronted with very short term posting (of less than a month).

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      Pearle co-signed statement on visa-reciprocity between the EU and the USA

      On 2nd March the European Parliament adopted a Resolution calling on the European Commission to take measures temporarily reintroducing visa requirements for US citizens, given that the US still does not grant visa-free access to nationals of five EU countries, notably Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania.

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      position of Pearle on VAT reduced rates and special scheme for SMEs

      Pearle* strongly calls upon the EU to maintain the option of VAT reduced rates and exemption for the sector as part of the VAT directive. An EU wide approach which binds Member States to apply reduced, super-reduced rates or exemption would hugely foster the live performance sector.

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      PRESS RELEASE - Going digital: Pearle members discuss live experiences of performances online

      (Zurich/Brussels 29 November 2016) – Pearle* members from across Europe came together in Zurich, Switzerland to discuss topics such as EU cultural policy, Commission’s proposals on employment and social affairs, the security of concert halls and theatres after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels as well as the recently launched texts on the EU copyright reform.

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      Music sector satisfied with outcomes of CITES CoP17 re. cross-border movement of musical instruments

      (Brussels, 6 October 2016) - We, the signatories of this statement – representing stakeholders in the music sector such as musicians, music ensembles, orchestras, concert venues, instrument makers in Europe and worldwide – wish to express our satisfaction as regards the outcomes of the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP17), which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 24 September to 5 October 2016.

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      7 organisations in the music sector call for a revision of the CITES musical instrument certificate

      Brussels (22 September 2016) – Today Pearle* - Live Performance Europe together with a wide group of European and American stakeholders from the music sector representing musicians, music ensembles, music groups, orchestras, concert venues, instrument makers and merchants published a common statement in view of the discussions on the musical instrument certificate (MIC) at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP17). The meeting will take place from 24 September to 5 October in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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      long term availability of Radio Spectrum for PMSE & broadcasting are essential

      The Parliamentary Event hosted by Members of Parliament Stefano Maullu and Patrizia Toia ?Growth of the European Cultural and Creative Sector: Why Spectrum Matters? on 21 June 2016 is an opportunity for the Wider Spectrum Group to explain why the UHF radio frequency spectrum used by terrestrial broadcasting and audio PMSE is a key resource for the future of the Creative Sector and the associated jobs and growth.

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      Revision of the EU Blue Card Directive will open up use to employers in the live performance sector

      Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, welcomes the Commission proposal for a revision of the EU Blue Card proposal. In particular the proposed changes to the admission conditions will encourage take up by employers who employ third-country nationals in their artistic organisations.

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      Launch of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts

      PRESS RELEASE (Brussels, 19 April 2016) – Today delegates of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts met with Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and Silvia Costa MEP, chair of the committee for Culture and Education in the European Parliament to hand over their manifesto. They urged for support to promote culture in the long-term strategic goals of the Union, including the successor to the EU2020 strategy.

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      LIBE vote on Touring visa

      Vote in LIBE committee on Proposal for a Regulation establishing a Touring Visa is a step in the right direction

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      The European Creative Industries see sufficient Radio Spectrum as essential to their successful

      The Wider Spectrum Group (WSG) met with Andrus Ansip, the European Commission Vice President for the Digital Single Market, today to urge support for creative producers and distributors of European cultural content in upcoming EU legislation on the UHF frequencies. Commenting on the outcome of the meeting WSG’s Alan March said: “Europe’s creators of content are a global success story that rely heavily on the UHF spectrum. Some of these frequencies have been promised to other sectors [the 700 MHz Band], but European content and associated jobs are at risk without a fair and sustainable transition plan coherent with the introduction of technologies for improved TV experience- some Member States will need until end of 2022 to achieve the transition - and long term guarantee for spectrum below 700MHz”. Europe’s creative industries represent 7% of European GDP and accounts for 14 million jobs. It is a global leader in producing, creating and distributing content in linear and non-linear modes to a variety of devices.

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      Pearle* joined Twitter

      Follow us on our Twitter account and be informed what's going on in the performing arts and music sector! @pearleurope

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      Pearle celebrates its 25th anniversary in Prague and endorses statement on culture and the arts

      (Prague/Brussels 28 November 2015) – Pearle* - Live Performance Europe celebrated its 25th anniversary at its 50th General Assembly meeting held from 27 to 28 November 2015 in Prague.

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      Pearle celebrates its 25th anniversary in Prague and endorses statement on culture and the arts

      (Prague/Brussels 28 November 2015) ? Pearle* - Live Performance Europe celebrated its 25th anniversary at its 50th General Assembly meeting held from 27 to 28 November 2015 in Prague.

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      Pearle celebrates its 25th anniversary in Prague and endorses statement on culture and the arts

      (Prague/Brussels 28 November 2015) ? Pearle* - Live Performance Europe celebrated its 25th anniversary at its 50th General Assembly meeting held from 27 to 28 November 2015 in Prague.

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      Pearle-Live Performance Europe offers deepest condolences after the terrible attack in concerthall B

      After the terrible attack on November 13th in the Paris concerthall Bataclan and other places in Paris, the European Live Performance community expresses its deepest condolences to the French people.

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      Two online tools to assess risks in venues and for productions in the live performance sector

      Today, the European social partners of the live performance sector launched two online interactive tools to support risk assessment.

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      Visa package responds to the economic and artistic needs of the live performance sector

      Today, at the EP hearing of the LIBE Committee on the visa package proposal, Pearle* made a plea for taking into consideration the specific needs for the live performance sector. The visa package which contains two components, a recast of the visa code and a proposal for a new touring visa, addresses the hindrances and practical problems occurring for artists, touring companies and local organisers alike. The recast visa code includes proposals for improved procedures and facilitated lodging of an application. It also reduces administrative burdens and provides for more clarity and transparency, in particular with regard to multiple entry visas. The newly proposed touring visa addresses a longstanding problem for the live performance sector, providing a solution for visa exempt third country nationals to travel for a longer period than 90 days in the Schengen zone. Being able to tour with international casts in the Schengen and re-enter the Schengen area is crucial to allow planning of tours across Europe.

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      Rolf Bolwin re-elected president of Pearle* - Live Performance Europe

      Rolf Bolwin, managing Director of Deutscher Bühnenverein, was re-elected president of Pearle* at the General Assembly meeting of the association held in Hamburg from 12 to 13 June.

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      25 years ago. VAT problems were at the origin to create Pearle*,

      Today, 25 years ago the first meeting of Pearle was held in Amsterdam. What preceded: November 1990, Rupert Rhymes the Chief Executive of SOLT Society of London theatre (then SWET) and Rudolf Wolfensberger, Chief Executive of the Association of Dutch orchestras (then CNO), meet at an international conference on cultural cooperation in Glasgow, Cultural Capital of Europe at the time. The topic which triggered both gentlemen was VAT which they considered as a hindrance to undertake international artistic collaboration. A half year later, fellows from other performing arts and music associations from France (Syndeac), Germany (DBV), Netherlands (VNT, now NAPK), Sweden (TR, now Svensk Scenkonst) and UK (ABO) meet in Amsterdam to establish Pearle*, a European association bringing together employers associations in the performing arts sector. The main mission of Pearle* is the establishing of a stable environment by supporting sustainability and promotion of the Live performance across Europe. The group realised that they had common interest on a wide scope of issues and that there was a need to exchange information and take joint action addressing supranational institutions in particular the European Institutions. By the end of 1991 the group had expanded its relations to colleagues from Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Finland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland. The first representative from Central-Europe, the Association of Hungarian Orchestras became a member in 1996, quickly followed by Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovakia.

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      priorities for the live performance sector for the European Commission term 2014-2019

      (Brussels, 12th February 2015) – Today, Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, presents its priorities, which include a number of general and specific demands for the sector. In the paper Pearle* calls upon the EU to create a true internal market by smart regulation and a framework that gives oxygen to the sector, such as through access to finance, by cutting red tape and lower compliance costs. More specifically, live performance enterprises call attention for 42 concrete measures of importance in 13 key European policy areas. They are to be addressed during the present European Commission term says President of Pearle*, Rolf Bolwin: "We have high expectations of the new European Commission who puts better regulation as a key priority in the policy making. At present live performance organisations are confronted with more than 150 EU regulations affecting the way in which they operate. Every performance is unique and results from the combined effort of the performers on the stage and a large team working behind the curtains. As our sector is in all aspects very international, it requires numerous rules to be taken into account to make a production and finally present it to an audience. I believe that it’s time for Europe to relieve the sector by reducing compliance costs, taking away obstacles to mobility and increasing access to finance."

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      Call for application - expert risk assessment

      In the context of prevention at work, a European project on an online interactive risk assessment tool is starting this month. To carry out a technical review and testing of the tool developed over the past year for the live performance sector, project partners launch a call for application for a project expert. Application should be submitted by February 27th.

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      Music sector calls on Commission to tackle burdens when travelling with instruments containing ivory

      In an open letter 5 associations in the music sector - FIM, EILA, CAFIM, AEC and Pearle* - urge the European Commission to address the concerns of the music and performing arts sector in bilateral talks to the U.S. authorities on the margins of the next CITES Standing Committee held on 7-11 July 2014 in Geneva.

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      new president of Pearle*, Rolf Bolwin, calls the European Parliament to assert the role of culture

      Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, the European association which represents through its members the interests of more than 5000 theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, producers, comedy, variété, circus and other organisations, has elected at its 47th General Assembly meeting in Helsinki on 22-23 May, Rolf Bolwin, Managing Director of the German Orchestra and Theatre Association as the new President of Pearle*. Bolwin succeeds Catherine Baumann, Director of the Synolyr –Association of orchestras and lyric theatres- in France, who resigned this year. Rolf Bolwin will share his tasks with Géza Kovács, President of AHO, the Association of Hungarian Orchestras, who has been elected as Vice-President. Rolf Bolwin, thanking Catherine Baumann for her excellent leadership and for her commitment the past three years to represent the interest of the Pearle members, also made a strong statement in relation to the elections for the European Parliament, saying: “I believe that more than ever, the European Parliament will have a responsibility to ensure a sustainable environment for the arts and culture. I look forward to cooperate with the newly elected European Parliament in achieving this goal”.

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      Pearle* welcomes the European Commission’s proposal on the new visa package

      (Brussels, 1st April 2014) Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, the European association which represents through its members the interests of more than 5000 theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, producers, comedy, variété, circus and other organisations, welcomes the visa package launched today by Commissioners Malmström and Tajani. “For the past ten years, Pearle* has addressed problems and hindrances faced by live performance organisations when engaging third-country nationals who need a visa to travel to and tour in the Schengen zone. The proposed changes to the rules and in particular the introduction of a new touring visa shall bring greater security to the live performance sector when planning longer tours or extending them when opportunities arise, thereby reaching wider audiences.” says President of Pearle, Catherine Baumann.

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      Pearle* welcomes the European Commission?s proposal on the new visa package

      (Brussels, 1st April 2014) Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, the European association which represents through its members the interests of more than 5000 theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, producers, comedy, variété, circus and other organisations, welcomes the visa package launched today by Commissioners Malmström and Tajani. 'For the past ten years, Pearle* has addressed problems and hindrances faced by live performance organisations when engaging third-country nationals who need a visa to travel to and tour in the Schengen zone. The proposed changes to the rules and in particular the introduction of a new touring visa shall bring greater security to the live performance sector when planning longer tours or extending them when opportunities arise, thereby reaching wider audiences.' says President of Pearle, Catherine Baumann.

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      Pearle* members call for comprehenisve copyright reform for the performing arts

      In the context of the discussion on a global reform on EU copyright rules, Pearle* members endorsed a resolution on copyright at their last general assembly in Kosice.

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      EP has voted in favour of passengers rights including those of musicians

      Pearle* welcomes the vote of the European Parliament of 5 February on the passeners rights regulation, including provisions which allow musicians to take under clearly described conditions musical instruments on airplanes.

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      EP TRAN Committee recognises right for carriage of musical instruments on airplanes

      The International Federation of musicians (FIM) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe welcome the vote by the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament, on 17 December 2013, of amendments to the “Revised Regulation (EC) No 2027/97 on air carrier liability in respect of the carriage of passengers and their baggage by air”. Mobility is absolutely vital to individual musicians, music ensembles, orchestras or bands, whose national and international careers rely largely on tours and concerts abroad. In 2012, a petition coordinated by FIM and supported by Pearle* attracted more than 43,000 signatures in just a few weeks, which drew attention to the specific needs of the music sector. The EU Commission’s proposal, as amended by the TRAN Committee, provides an adequate answer to the concerns expressed, via a limited set of practical rules governing the carrying of musical instruments in the aircraft’s cabin. The TRAN amendments, in line with the EU Commission’s objectives, further improve transparency and predictability in this respect, without creating any particular burden for airline companies.

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      EAEA Pearle* Joint Statement on double taxation

      The European social partners of the live performance sector endorsed a joint statement at their plenary meeting on 13 December calling to remove the artists double taxation.

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      Coexistence in spectrum policy as the cornerstone for a ‘Connected Continent’

      In a press release published on 5 November 2013 the European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence (EFSC) welcomes Commissioner Neelie Kroes’ proposal on a ‘Connected Continent’.

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      Pearle* expresses its views on the role of the sector in relation to visas

      Today, at a seminar organised by DG Culture, Pearle's director proposed ways to go forward to improve the administrative practices on artists' mobility and visas.

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      Recognition for the problems experienced by musicians to take musical instruments on aircrafts

      Pearle welcomes the inclusion of a new right for musicians travelling with musical instruments in Regulation (EC) No 2027/97. This proposal is included in the revision of the Regulation on air carrier liability in respect of the carriage of passengers and their baggage by air.

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      Application deadline for expert on risk assessment extended to 21 January

      Developing a European Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool (OiRA) for the use of touring productions. For the purpose of the development of such tool the European social partners in the live performance sector intend to engage an expert for the period of the project.

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      Pearle* launches campaign to make an end to the cross-border double taxation of artistes

      On the eve of 50 years of existence of article 17 (artistes and sportsmen) in the OECD Model Tax Convention, Pearle*, the principle body representing the live performance sector in Europe, calls upon the Member States who are also members of the OECD to remove double taxation. This cross-border tax obstacle is a result of the application of article 17, which gives a taxing right to the source country for live performances of nonresident artistes and artist groups. Pearle* members represent over 5,000 performing arts entreprises and organisations across Europe. At their general assembly meeting last November in Brussels, they adopted unanimously a resolution including proposals to make an end to the double taxation of artistes. The entire sector is affected by the application of article 17 of the OECD Model Tax Convention: employers of artists, touring companies, individual artists, promoters or venues who programme foreign live performance groups. It is a major hindrance for the live performance sector to develop its activities in the European Union and worldwide.

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      Introduction to sector federations: the movie by Pearle*

      In the framework of the awards event this November in Brussels, Pearle* made a short movie to introduce itself and its members.

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      Pearle* celebrates the role of sector federations in live performance. Awards given to associations

      For the first time in history, a European employers and sector federation has awarded national associations for their achievements in various activities: audience development, innovating tools, data collection, collective bargaining and green initiatives. The awards were given at a high-level event on 22 November in Brussels in the presence of László Andor, Commissioner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Pearle*, Live Performance Europe, acknowledges the role of sector federations in their capacity as employers associations creating stable industrial relations and promoting a level playing field for working conditions in the sector, particularly via the collective bargaining processes. Sector federations, in addition to providing services to their members, also undertake various activities aimed at the wider public and general promotion of the sector. Sector federations also support policy-making by providing data and information to public authorities and by working closely with relevant government departments on issues affecting their sector. These functions and activities were celebrated at the high-level event in the theatre Daarkom in Brussels. Pearle's President Catherine Baumann stressed: "this is about celebrating so many of these initiatives, undertaken in different ways and in diverse environments. Every nominee is a winner in its own right. And I personally would say the same for those many associations who did not send in an application, but whose work contributes to strengthening the performing arts sector every day." Referring to the crisis and the resiliency of the sector, Commissioner Andor underlined that: "In such a context, it has been demonstrated over and over again that intensive dialogue between social partners is the best guarantee to address the challenges in the most appropriate manner, both in the interest of the workers and of the organisations concerned."

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      Speech at "Save our Spectrum": Culture has its own Value

      At the workshop "Save Our Spectrum" - Will spectrum policy be based exclusively on market relevance?", held on 25 September 2012 in Brussels, Catherine Baumann held a speech on behalf of Pearle*.

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      EUROSTAT – New publication of labour costs

      A news release by Eurostat was published on 17 September 2012, concerning the rise of the hourly labour costs for employers. In the EU, the hourly labour costs in the second quarter of 2012 rose with 1,8% compared to the second quarter of the previous year. In the Euro area, the hourly labour costs rose by 1,6%.

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      Acceptance of new members

      At the 43rd General Assembly on 9 June 2012 in Sofia, the members of Pearle* accepted the following membership applications:

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      Copyright users and consumers make principles public

      Major copyrights users and the European Consumer Organisation are glad to present today a cross-sector agreement on a detailed set of principles which will enable sounder and more efficient management of copyrights for users and consumers.

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      Lettre ouverte de Pearle et FIM à la Commission sur le transport des intruments de musique

      Les musiciens professionnels sont régulièrement confrontés à de sérieuses difficultés lorsqu'ils voyagent en avion avec leurs instruments de musique. Les restrictions appliquées au transport des instruments de musique en avion sont un frein majeur à la mobilité des artistes. Pearle* et la FIM ont adressé une lettre commune à la Commission européenne pour dénoncer ce problème.

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      Pearle co-founder of new European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence

      European consumer electronic producers, cable and satellite reception equipment industry, the live performance, content making manufacturers and cable operators are announcing today the formation of a forum aimed at preserving the coexistence between devices and services when new radio services are introduced. The European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence (EFSC) calls for EU spectrum policy to ensure that radio and non radio deployed equipments are taken into account when the introduction of new radio services threatens balance in the electromagnetic ecosystem.

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      a project on capacity building and social dialogue is kicking off this month

      Financed by the European Commission, under the budgetline 'industrial relations' run by DG Employment, Pearle will manage a 12 month project focusing on Social dialogue in the live performance sector in the EU.

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      the work of art - time to nurture Europe's cultural values and encourage the performing arts sector

      An article of Pearle in the Public Service Review: European Union - issue 22, published 12 October 2011. The issue includes a foreword of President Barroso and contributions on questions which affect the public sector, such as the impact of the economic crisis.

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      presentation to RSC #37 of 5 October 2011

      Pearle presentation on the viewpoint of an end user with regard to PMSE and radio spectrum at the Radio Spectrum Committee meeting.

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      Former president of Pearle Richard Pulford dies at the age of 67

      Richard Pulford, who was President of Pearle* between 2004 and 2008, has died at the age of 67. Richard Pulford was the Chief Executive of the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and Theatrical Management Association (TMA) in the UK from 2001 to 2010, and in this capacity a member of the Executive Committee of Pearle*, the European trade federation for the live performance. He has been the President of Pearle* between 2005 and 2009. An Oxford graduate, Pulford was a civil servant before becoming Deputy Secretary General of the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1979. He was general director (administration) at the South Bank Centre and an independent consultant on cultural policy and administration before taking on the joint role at SOLT and TMA. Pulford retired at the end of last year but was hospitalised soon after announcing his intention to step down. He died on 7 August 2011 at his home in London following a long battle with illness.

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      internship offer for student culture management autumn 2011

      Pearle is offering the possibility of an internship for a student in culture management to start in September.

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      Lors de la 41eme Assemblée Générale ayant eu lieu le 19 et 20 Mai à Budapest, les membres de Pearle* ont élu à l'unanimité un nouveau Président et un nouveau conseil d'administration. Le Président et les membres sont élus pour une période de deux ans, c'est-à-dire dans ce cas, jusqu'au printemps 2013, où de nouvelles élections auront lieu.

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      Rapport d'activités Pearle* 2010

      Le rapport d'activités 2010 de Pearle* est disponible. Le rapport contient un résumé concis de principaux domaines politiques de l'UE sus lesquels Pearle* a concentré son action totu au long de l'année, de sa représentation au niveau de l'UE et des activités que l'association a entreprises en tant que partenaire de différents projets financés par l'Union.

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      statement on mobility information services for artists and cultural workers

      The European social partners of the committee 'live performance' adopted, ahead of the Culture Council of 19 and 20 May 2011 a joint statement on the topic of 'mobility information services for artists and for culture professionals.

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      cultural aspects of the radio spectrum policy programme

      Culture content is indispensable to let the markets for informationtechnology flourish. The radio spectrum policy programme needs to take account of this and provide a frame that guarantees that live events can further continue their operations.A win-win situation is what has to be achieved for all stakeholders.

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      Le mapping de l'Italie du Point d'information PRACTICS est maintenant en ligne

      Le Point d'information PRACTICS en Italie vient de publier son mapping en italien et anglais.

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      Sture Carlsson est élu Président de Pearle

      At the General Assembly meeting of the members of Pearle, Sture Carlsson from the Swedish Performing Arts Association, has been unanimously elected as the President of Pearle.

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      Assemblée Générale Luxembourg 4-5 juin 2010

      L'assemblée générale de Pearle se tiendra à Luxembourg le 4 et 5 juin 2010. Hôte : Theatre Federation

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      Pearle General Assembly meeting Stockholm 11-12 December 2009

      The 38th Pearle conference will take place at the Stockholm Concert hall. The conference is hosted by Svensk Scenkonst

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      Report seminar social security and taxation in context of mobility

      The report of the seminar of 10 November, organised by Pearle* in the framework of the Practics pilot project on mobility, is now available.

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      seminar on social security and taxation

      Social security and taxation in the context of mobility Application of EU regulations and impact on performing arts organisations 10 November 2009 Brussels, Kaai theatre (Forum) - Square Sainctelette 19

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      Briefing au Parlement européen - le travail du PE en 2009-2014

      Pearle* lance une invitation au PE : Est venu le temps d’élever les valeurs culturelles afin de créer un environnement durable pour les arts du spectacle en Europe.

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      Groupe de travail supplémentaire dialogue social

      La Commission Européenne, DG Emploi, a introduit un réunion supplémentaire pour le dialogue social sectoriel, le 15 octobre 2009.

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      New board elected at 37th Pearle conference

      At the 37th Pearle conference in Geneva, which took place on 29 and 30 May, the members of Pearle elected a new board for a term of 2 years. President will be Matti HOLOPAINEN, who is also the Managing director of the Finnish Theatre Association. He is succeeding Richard Pulford, who has served two subsequent terms of two years each as President of Pearle. Richard Pulford is the Chief Executive of Solt/TMA.

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      Employment summit: joint statement social partners on impact financial crisis

      Contribution from the European sectoral social partners 'live performance' to the Employment Summit of 7 May. Impact of the financial crisis on the live performance sector.

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      Informal briefing on cultural mobility

      On 2 April, Pearle held a small informal briefing on 'European cultural mobility'. The meeting in Brussels gathered representatives from European and national associations and networks from different parts of Europe. It was an initiative in the framework of the European project, of which Pearle is a partner, "See Mobile See Practical - PRACTICS" selected as one of the four pilot projects on the networking of existing structures supporting mobility in different cultural sectors, supported by the European Commission.

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      Pearle* offers vacancy for a part-time European legal adviser

      Pearle is looking for a part-time legal adviser (19h/week) to assist the Director in day-to-day work. You will in particular work on EU policies and regulatory framework connected to the 'live performance' sector. Besides you will also be involved in the other activities initiated by Pearle*.

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      Practics - "See Mobile See Practical" mobility project launched

      PRACTICS is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission with the aim to facilitate the provision of information about EU cross-border mobility in the cultural sector.

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      Pearle* joined Twitter

      Follow us on our Twitter account and be informed what's going on in the performing arts and music sector! @pearleurope

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